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Yeah i mean i just feel like it was the way it had to go

like everything got uprooted hard

it was like i couldnt ease into it, the universe laid into me

I have to just like respect theses feelings

like the phasing out

and respecting new things

giving them space to grow

not just rushing shit

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spring east coast tour 2017

4/23 Urbana, IL - Blips N Chitz

4/24 Milwaukee, WI - Maus Haus

4/25 Bloomington, IN

4/26 Philadelphia, PA - Century

4/29 Western Mass, MA - Treasure Hole (w/ some girl and Lucy)

4/30 Portland, ME - Matthews Bar (w/ some girl)

5/1 Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie

5/2 Oberlin, OH - The Sco (w/ boy harsher)

5/3 Cincinatti, OH - The Mockbee


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